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Why is naming your business so hard?

It's almost like naming your first born, it's a name you will be stuck with, it will cost you money to change it, what will people's perception of your name be? The questions buzzing around my head when I was trying to figure out my business name were immense.

When I decided to go full throttle on my dream of opening my own business my first concern was what the hell was I going to name it? So many thoughts went through my head. Should I call it Laura Simpson? This just seemed a bit narcissistic and my absolute dream and end goal is to create a business I can pass on to my daughters (Should either of them be that way inclined). So that was a no straight away. Then I started thinking more socially as that was going to be my niche, right?

Social butterfly was a pretty strong contender, but someone in the States already had it and it all seemed a bit girly and fluffy. I wanted to be taken seriously in meetings, and this didn't really represent 'me'. So I knew I needed a more unisex, non cliche name. Eventually I settled on Chameleon Social. I chose the Chameleon because, to be honest, I totally gave up on thinking of a name. Ha ha! I moved on to the colours I wanted to associate with. That came with a whole new world of problems as I just couldn't decide. I'm too fickle, I change my mind like the wind.

While procrastinating on Google, I came across the Chameleon and it just hit me, it felt right. I could be all the colours under the sun. As long as my font stayed the same my colours could change. I could do proposals in pink, invoices in indigo and blogs in blue. Then the image started to form in my head. I wanted my name to look like chameleon skin and blend across all the colours from left to right. So then my logo was born. But it went further than this, the connotations of the business were perfect.

The Chameleon changes it colours to fit in with it's surroundings, this is what I'm all about. My tone of voice changes depending on who I'm writing for. The reason to choose me is, everything is seamless. My clients customers don't know there's been a take over, they just start seeing engaging content and want to know more. Personally I love it and I think that's the key. If you love your logo and brand, and believe in what you are saying, it all fits and works. You can feel confident about your business talking to a local business or a FTSE 100.

Just for fun I googled 'Social Chameleon' and the Internet tells me it's a person who engages in excessive self monitoring and is proficient in reading social cues and altering ones actions and behaviours to allow themselves to blend into a specific social situation. Pretty apt huh?

Now if I met this person in a dark alley I'd be petrified, they sound plain weird. However in my line of work being a social chameleon is my lifeblood. So if your business is pink with a splash of blue or orange with green and yellow spots, no problem I can be any colour you need me to be. I'll take your colours and make them stand out in a mish-mash of social colours, be that through blogs, social posting, content creation or social advertising.

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