It's always nice to read other peoples thoughts about something before you take the plunge. So go ahead have a read, these are just a few of my happy customers.


Business Coach

Before working with Laura, I knew I wanted to run FB ads to grow my email list and promote my challenge but didn't have time or the inclination to learn the ins and outs myself. Having had previous training on it, I knew how many different elements you need to get right and how much time and money you can waste doing it wrong!


It was amazing being able to hand over the campaign to Laura and watch her test copy/images/audiences (and all the stuff I really didn't want to learn!) to optimise my ads and get the best return on investment. Through working with Laura I've added hundreds of new leads to my email list and engaged hundreds of my warm audience for my challenge. Highly recommend Laura's services!

Career Coach

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Laura on my very first Facebook Ad Campaign. Other than having attended an introductory training session on Facebook Ads, I knew very little about the whole process and knew that if I wanted to achieve a strong ROI I needed help to do it well! Laura led me through the whole process step by step from start to finish. She was incredibly patient with me and answered all of my questions during our time working together. She helped me to ensure I had all relevant components ready to go and worked collaboratively and effectively with my team.


I am delighted with the success of the campaign which has generated another 500 leads to my mailing list and has enabled significant growth in my Facebook Group. I will be returning to use Laura's service for my next campaign in the coming months and have no hesitation in recommending her to you

Content Coach

Working with Laura is great, she creates great on-brand artwork for your Facebook Adverts and the best bit is they convert, we got over 700 leads from our campaign at 70p per lead! I would highly recommend working with her.

Monitored home alarm systems

Laura has posted on our social channels for a while now, she researches our industry to write a mix of engaging social posts which we just didn’t have the time to do previously. We really like working with Laura!  It’s been very easy for her to take over our account. We have just reduced the ad spend in half, but the leads generated are the same (This after using someone else). Laura has presented a new strategy which we are currently implementing. We are very confident that this will achieve great success!

Commercial property estate agent

Laura really knows her stuff. She is able to explain social media concepts and ideas really simply. She shared some brilliant tips to our team about how to improve our social media presence. As a result, our Social Authority score on Twitter has improved by 5 points in three months. Recommend!

UK tool supplier

Working with Laura was a great success, interpreting what was a broad brief to provide the support I required. The two training sessions she created, each catered for users of varying abilities on Facebook and Instagram. Laura’s delivery of the training was well thought out, actively engaging with the audience, creating interactive sessions that ensured everyone was on the same page and allowing individuals to receive direct advice, answering all of their questions. I look forward to further social media projects with Laura again in the future

Physiotherapists specialising in sports injuries

Laura is so great to work with! She's so helpful and hardworking. She's really helped us get started on our businesses social media and always comes up with creative posts to keep readers engaged. It's been so beneficial to have her support and expert advice. I'd definitely recommend working with Laura

Language School

In all honesty, I was dubious about paying anyone else to help with my social media but Laura did such an amazing job I now wish I had got her to do it sooner! Definitely worth the investment and outstanding value for money!


Laura is great to work with. Really knows her stuff, is great at explaining complicated things in a simple way and always responds to queries quickly. I'd thoroughly recommend her if you're getting a bit lost in the maze of social media and need a helping hand.

Beauty salon

I cannot thank Laura enough for the help and advice she gave me for my business page, Immediately I had more interaction! I thought I was 'ok' with social media, but having someone to direct me and tell me what I should be doing is fantastic. If you need a boost with your business this is the lady to speak to! Once again, thank you!

Competition e-commerce company

Laura has posted daily on our Facebook and Instagram accounts now for months, she sources photography and writes great original content. She has helped our Facebook page grow from the very beginning to over 700 followers with fantastic levels of engagement. She also runs our Facebook Ad's and answers all of our questions about social media in general. Taking away the day to day pressure of social media when there are so many other jobs for us to get on with is just absolutely priceless.